Receive 50 euros tax-free every month!

DREMO rewards your hard work and reliability and wants to improve your quality of life. For this purpose, we have introduced the DREMO productivity bonus, which all DREMO temporary workers can receive.

50 euros monthly bonus for our diligent employees

The best thing about it: In addition to your salary, you will receive a monthly credit of 50 euros on your card in the form of so-called non-cash benefits - and even tax-free! You can use this credit either when shopping in your desired region or for online shopping with selected partners.

To receive this productivity bonus, you only need to have met the following criteria in the last calendar month:

  1. You started your assignment on schedule and on time at the time set by us or by the client company after weekends or after free shifts.
  2. Time sheets, certificates of incapacity for work, holiday applications and applications for time off from the working time account for the last calendar month must be submitted in full to our office by the 5th working day of the new month.
  3. You must not have missed more than two working days due to sickness, child sickness, or paid leave not pre-approved by us and your employing company.
  4. You were not absent for at least one working day for other reasons, e.g. unexcused absence or unpaid leave.
  5. Your behaviour has not been warned, e.g. for alcohol consumption or refusal to work.
  6. You must have been employed by us for the full calendar month.

In addition, your employment must not be in terminated or cancelled status at the time of the credit top-up or voucher issue (28th calendar day for newly issued Edenred City Cards and 20th calendar day for existing Edenred City Cards or when using MeinGutschein). Another requirement is that you have an email account that you can check regularly for new messages.

We offer you two different ways to receive your monthly productivity bonuses when you are hired:

City Card

Receive a monthly credit of 50 euros on a type of credit card to make purchases in regional shops

More information about City Card




Receive a monthly productivity bonus in the form of a 50 euro online voucher (ideal if you work at different locations)

More information about MeinGutschein