Edenred MeinGutschein

You receive your monthly productivity bonus from us in the form of a 50 euro online voucher, which you can redeem online at currently approx. 50 acceptance partners. If these partners also operate branches, you can also redeem your vouchers directly on site. This is possible at Mediamarkt, REWE or Douglas, among others.

You can manage your vouchers in the Edenred "MeinGutschein" app or via the website gutschein.edenred.de verwalten. In addition, you can choose or specify the acceptance partner for future vouchers you receive from us.

You will receive your first voucher from Edenred by email once you have met the required criteria  for the first time. All vouchers are valid for three years from the date of issue. Even if you are no longer employed by us, you can still use the vouchers you have already received until they expire.

Have you received your first MeinGutschein from DREMO? You can find out how to use your vouchers on the website www.edenred.de/nutzer/meingutschein/.

Please note that you must first register or set up an online account via www.edenred.de/nutzer/meingutschein/ with your personal email address that you provided to DREMO for your recruitment!

In our Youtube video we show you how to register. Registration is not possible via the app. However, once you have completed your registration, you can manage your vouchers via the app.

It is also possible to redeem multiple vouchers at the same time for purchases. For information on the maximum number of vouchers that can be redeemed with a particular acceptance partner, please use the MeinGutschein app or your online account on the website gutschein.edenred.de.

How to install the "MeinGutschein" app

If your device is not compatible with the app, please use the website gutschein.edenred.de instead of the app.

If you are using an Android-based device, you must install the app from the German Google Play Store. Use the following link to find out how to change the country of the Google Play Store.

How to change the voucher partner

Before you receive your next productivity bonus from us, you can decide for yourself which voucher you would like to receive next. Here's how to choose your preferred partner:

  1. Go to the home page and there to the "My next voucher" section.
  2. Click on "Change selection".
  3. You will now see all partners. Select your desired voucher, click on "Select as voucher partner" and confirm your selection by clicking on "Okay, select!
  4. Done! You will now see the desired partner on the start page.

You will continue to receive vouchers from the selected partner until you change your selection. Once you have received your next voucher from us, this voucher can no longer be subsequently exchanged!

How to use Edenred MeinGutschein

This video explains what you need to do to redeem your first DREMO voucher when shopping online.