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We have a team of dedicated, qualified staff who are flexible in terms of time and location, and who can accompany you onboard.

Staffing services for companies

As an experienced staffing service provider, we know all about staff leasing, also known as temporary work or contract staffing. We competently attend to all necessary formalities, and clarify all legal issues for you. To ensure you can concentrate on your business, and no longer have to worry about recruiting staff, our twenty-odd internal office staff take care of staff selection, placement planning and accounting for skilled workers and assistants. Modern and tailored to your industry and company size.

In addition to leasing skilled workers, we also help companies look for permanent employees. Our recruitment division discreetly connects companies and job-seekers. We gladly take charge of the time and cost-intensive recruitment and applicant management process from tendering to candidate selection to interviews, taking the strain off your HR department.

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Need support from qualified staff? We lease and recruit competent, motivated workers and assistants in the following industries.



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Toni Simon


Unterstützen einem wo sie nur können

Die Leute sind voll engagiert und legen sich für einem voll ins Zeug. Kann ich nur sehr gut bewerten und spreche auch gerne eine Empfehlung aus.

Anni Groß


Leisten vorbildliche Arbeit

Wir greifen sehr gerne immer auf dieses Unternehmen zurück. Da weiss man einfach schon im Voraus was für einen kompetenten Service man erwarten darf.

Thomas Sonntag


Hier kümmert man sich

bei geeigneter Qualifikation, für jeden Mitmenschen, egal ob anderer Nationalität oder Religion, um einen Einsatz in der Arbeitswelt

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