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You do your fair share of work onboard – make sure you record it! With our timesheets, your pay is cut and dried.

Time sheet

Below is the form you need to complete and print out for your timesheet.

Send timesheets:

  • as a photo or scan by email to
  • as a photo by WhatsApp or MMS to your HR manager’s mobile number or +49 171 2378569
  • as a fax to +49 351 89775-21
  • or by post to DREMO in Dresden (address in timesheet, use window envelopes if necessary and note any folding marks)

Order new timesheets free of charge::

  • via Online form through this Website (the fastest way)
  • By telephone (Mon-Fri 7.30am – 4.30pm): +49 351 897750
  • By email to:
  • By WhatsApp or SMS: Your HR manager’s mobile number or +49 171 2378569

Information for our customers

  • Please confirm the hours worked to our staff member at the end of each working week.
  • Our staff may not work more than 10 hours per working day and 60 hours per calendar week. Unless other legal exceptions apply, work on Sundays and public holidays requires our prior consent. Please note the Working Hours Act.
  • Reducing working hours due to output deficits by our staff member does not comply with the Law on Temporary Employment, and is therefore not permitted.

Information for our staff

  • At the end of every working week – and no later -, you will have your timesheet signed and stamped by your supervisor at the customer company/on the construction site. You must then send us the timesheet via one of the contact options below by no later than 12pm Tuesday of the following week.
  • Every timesheet must contain the name of the customer company and the full workplace address.
  • Record the number of hours worked per day, without breaks. You must not work more than 10 hours per working day and 60 hours per week. When working 6-9 hours a day, you need to take a 30-minute break. When working more than 9 hours, the break must be 45 min. A break must be taken after no more than 6 hours. The minimum break length is 15 min.
  • If the last day of the month or assignment falls in the middle of a week, two timesheets must be completed for this week (e.g. two days for the old month and three for the new month).
  • A timesheet must never show days from two different weeks.
  • In the “Start of journey to accommodation/workplace” section, please enter the date and time you left your home to go to work. In the “Arrival home after work” section, please enter the date and time you arrived home after work. If you stay at the place of work over the weekend, please enter “Stayed on site” in these sections. You only need to fill out these sections if you are working at a national level/are away on a construction job.
  • Who receives the timesheet?
    • Original: for Dremo office
    • 1st copy: for customer company
    • 2nd copy: for your personal records
  • We will only make advance payments if we have your timesheet from the previous week.

Hint for opening the documents listed on that page

You need the Software "Adobe Acrobat Reader" to read and print the listed documents. If you have not installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it at the  Adobe Acrobat Reader page.