Casting the anchor

Finding good staff can be very costly and time-intensive. So it helps if you can rely on a partner who is familiar with the vast sea that is the job market.

Personnel placement

Today, acquiring staff primarily means accurate placement of job offers – including, and most importantly, on social media. Years of experience mean we know how and where to appeal to potential employees.

And thanks to our extensive applicant database, we can often present you suitable candidates for a particular vacancy within a very short space of time. But if there isn’t anyone fitting your criteria, we help you with your search by applying all our experience and our large network.

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Your advantages with DREMO 

  • Fees only charged for successful hires
  • Outsource the time and cost-intensive applicant management process
  • Tailored pre-selection of candidates according to criteria
  • Objective candidate selection by our experienced department managers
  • Assessment of Federal Employment Agency and Job Centre funding options
  • Discreet handling

The DREMO staff recruitment process

Initial consultation

Contact us for a free, non-binding initial consultation, during which we assess whether and to what extent we can assist you with your staffing search.

Recruitment contract

If you decide to co-operate with us, you’ll sign a recruitment contract with us. The recruitment fee will only be charged in the event of a successful hire.

Staffing requirements

Our recruiters will go through your specific requirements with you.

Candidate selection or discreet job advertising

Based on your requirements, we select suitable candidates from our pool of applicants. If we do not find any matches, we will actively search through our network of staffing service providers, or place relevant job advertisements, without naming your company.

Preliminary talk & applicant profile

We personally speak to applicants to assess their suitability based on your requirements and our experiences. We create profiles for suitable applicants, and send these to you.


You can choose one or more applicants whom you would like to meet in person. In consultation with you, we then invite the applicants to an interview, which can be conducted solely by you or with our assistance.

Employment& verification of funding options

If you find a suitable worker, you can employ them. Upon request, we can also check beforehand whether there are any possibilities for funding by the Federal Employment Agency or Job Centre. If no applicant meets your requirements, we’ll keep searching.


We’ll take care of declining for you, and provide the relevant explanations. You do not need to speak to the applicants personally.

Ongoing consulting

We will continue to advise you and the staff member even after a successful hire.