Attractive jobs in flooring

We have been a reliable partner for staff and customers from all over Germany since 1996. If you want to “stay grounded” and are looking for a challenge, you’ve come to the right place.

Currently we offer following vacancies:


How do our employees rate us?

Toni Simon


Unterstützen einem wo sie nur können

Die Leute sind voll engagiert und legen sich für einem voll ins Zeug. Kann ich nur sehr gut bewerten und spreche auch gerne eine Empfehlung aus.

Anni Groß


Leisten vorbildliche Arbeit

Wir greifen sehr gerne immer auf dieses Unternehmen zurück. Da weiss man einfach schon im Voraus was für einen kompetenten Service man erwarten darf.

Thomas Sonntag


Hier kümmert man sich

bei geeigneter Qualifikation, für jeden Mitmenschen, egal ob anderer Nationalität oder Religion, um einen Einsatz in der Arbeitswelt

You will be proud to work on attractive projects.

In the area of flooring and furnishing, you can expect varied tasks at reputable skilled trade companies. Our staff greatly value the pleasant working environment at our customers’ businesses – especially the social interactions.

You will be working on anything from smaller projects for private customers, to large building and renovation projects. The main tasks involve laying parquet floors, linoleum, design floors or textile floors. The furnishing jobs are also very varied and challenging, such as decoration, fitting sun blinds, upholstery work and painting. Depending on your experience, individual trade skills and requests, you will be employed in roles best suited to your professional skills and preferences.

What you can expect:

  • A permanent position
  • social security and negotiated wages
  • bonuses for overtime, work on public holidays and night work
  • paid leave and Christmas bonuses
  • weekly down payments upon requests
  • up to 30 days’ leave a year
  • work clothes and safety equipment
  • company pension benefits
  • opportunities for advanced training and qualification
  • support for career rookies and older employees

We also guarantee qualified preparation and planning before your assignments, as well as customised support by your personal, expert liaison officer. If you wish to work nationwide, we can organise suitable individual accommodation.

Take us at our word and see for yourself!

Got questions?

If you have any questions about our job offers or our company, please call us. We’re available 7.30am-4.30pm Mon-Fri. We look forward to getting to know you!

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