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What do you need in order for your professional qualification to be recognised in Germany?

If you obtained your professional qualification abroad, and wish to use this on the German job market, you can find information on the requirements and recognition process by visiting

We actively help our employees during recognition processes.

What is the difference between an examined carer for the elderly and an assistant carer for the elderly?

Assistant carers’ main tasks revolve around providing basic care, i.e.:

  • Washing residents (in bed or at a washbasin)
  • Showering
  • Bathing
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Feeding (incl. drinks)
  • Going to the toilet
  • Making residents comfortable
  • Documentation

Their role also includes helping nurses with various tasks, as well as cleaning, preparing meals in the kitchen and supervising residents (including during meals).
Nurses bear the responsibility during the shift, divide the carers into groups, organise ward operations, act as contacts for family members and are in charge of medications, treatments (injections, dressing changes, etc.) and basic care.

What is the difference between staff leasing, contract staffing, temporary work and hired labour?

These terms are generally used interchangeably. Specifically speaking, however, hired labour denotes the relationship between the employee and employer, i.e. the temporary employment agency. Contract staffing, temporary work or staff leasing denotes the relationship between the employee, the temporary employment agency and the company of employment.

Do I incur costs if you employ or recruit me?

Our service is principally free of charge for you.

Do I have social security cover as a DREMO employee?

All DREMO employees are governed by general labour law, all occupational safety laws, employee assignment law, the Employment Protection Act, the Continued Payment of Wages and Salaries Act, and the Maternity Protection Act. The special privileges under the Law on Temporary Employment (AÜG) also apply. Our staff are briefed in occupational safety, and receive the necessary protective equipment free of charge. Health, accident, pension, unemployment and nursing insurance, as well as up to 30 days of paid leave per year, are all included. In the event of illness, our staff continue to receive their pay. They also receive holiday pay, Christmas bonuses and other social benefits depending on their seniority.

Is the employment permanent or temporary?

Employment is generally permanent.

Is there a probation period at Dremo?

Yes, the first six months of the employment contract are a probation period.

Does Dremo pay according to collective agreements?

Yes. Dremo applies the den iGZ-DGB collective agreement, which is available at the company, and can be viewed by employees at any time. It can also be found <link mitarbeiter igz-dgb-tarifvertrag _self>on our Website.

What happens if, once one assignment has ended, it is not immediately followed by another? Do I still keep getting paid?

Yes. We pay you even if you can’t immediately start another job.

Who is my supervisor?

Every Dremo employee reports to an HR consultant. They will be your first point of contact if you have any questions or problems.

Who is authorised to issue me with instructions at the workplace?

The staff from the hiring companies who are authorised to issue instructions will be advised by us at the start of your assignment.

How far away from my home does a workplace have to be for accommodation to be provided?

There is no generalised answer to this question. We endeavour to take into account our staff’s requests. If your workplace is not within the “daily commute” region, we pay you an allowance for accommodation, additional food expenses and the journey home.

Does Dremo offer support if I meet the basic qualifications, but need to refresh more specialised knowledge?

Yes. If, for example, an electrician needs to train up for a specific job or a carpenter needs to complete a machinery course, we take care of the relevant training. Sometimes this is even held directly at our customers’ premises.

What happens if I don’t have a car?

We endeavour to arrange suitable lifts for you.

Where can I expect to be working? More in my region or right across the country?

Assignments will be both near your home and right across the country, and will depend on the role you have applied for/the role we have employed you in. There may also be assignments elsewhere in Europe. If you are only employed for regional assignments, you will remain within the region.

What is the average duration of the assignments?

This varies greatly. Some companies only need our staff for a few weeks, others for years.

How is leave planned? Do I have to consult the hiring company or Dremo?

Leave is always arranged with us.

What happens if the customer wants to take me on as their employee?

Although it means we lose you, we are pleased when an employee is able to take advantage of the temporary employment opportunities, having given you the chance to get to know your new workplace and employer. You do not incur any costs by changing employers. If you don’t end up liking your new workplace, please come back to us!

Can I also just be recruited by Dremo?

Yes, that is possible. If you wish to change careers, but don’t want to work as part of a contract staffing scheme, we can also arrange a placement for you at one of our customers. Contact us to advise your professional interests. If you meet the requirements for a successful placement, we will actively endeavour to find you a suitable position. This service is of course free of charge.