Making sure pay is right

Anyone who works as hard as our staff should also be paid consistently. We guarantee fair remuneration for all our crew.

iGZ-DGB Tarifwerk (iGZ-DGB collective agreement) - Fair money for good work!

The general minimum wage is not an issue for DREMO! As a member of the Interessenverband Deutscher Zeitarbeitsunternehmen (iGZ) (Association of German Temporary Employment Agencies), our employees are generally paid at least the defined hourly wages for temporary work. These conditions are regularly adjusted. In that way we take care of a social security for our employees. Are you also interested in learning more about the advantages of temporary employment? Take a look at our job offers and apply.

iGZ-DGB brochure

Contracts about sector supplements

Inflationsausgleichsprämie (IAP) zum Tarifvertrag für Branchenzuschläge für Arbeitnehmerüberlassungen

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