Edenred City Card

Receive a monthly credit of 50 euros on a type of credit card to buy groceries, shop or fill up with petrol to your heart's content in the region of your choice!

Edenred City Card (formerly "Ticket Plus City Card")

You will receive a type of credit card from us with which you can pay at selected acceptance partners in a region of your choice in Germany. We load your monthly productivity bonus of 50 euros onto this card as credit. You can also collect credit from several months to save up for a larger purchase.

You can use the "MyEdenred" app or the website www.mein-edenred.de to check how much credit you have and at which shops or acceptance partners you can pay with your card.

When you join DREMO, you can choose the region in which you want to use your City Card. You can find an overview of the areas on the Edenred website.

You will receive your card within one month after you first meet the criteria. Your card is valid for at least three years. If you are still employed by us when your card expires, we will automatically send you a new card free of charge. Your existing balance will be retained and automatically transferred to your new card. If you are no longer employed by us, you can still pay with your saved credit until the card expires. After that, your unused credit expires without replacement.

Have you received your City Card from DREMO? You can find out how to use your credit on the website www.edenred.de/nutzer/ticket-plus-city.

Before using your card for the first time, you must register via the "MyEdenred" app or the website www.mein-edenred.de/register with your personal email address that you provided to DREMO for your employment. You will then need to activate your new card and retrieve the PIN that you will later need for payment transactions! In this regard, please note the accompanying letter that you will receive with your card!

Do you need the PIN to pay with your card in a shop? You can access your PIN at any time via the "MyEdenred" app or the website www.mein-edenred.de.

You don't know who the acceptance partners are or in which shops you can make purchases with the card? Please use the branch finder in the app "MyEdenred" or on the website www.mein-edenred.de.

Have you lost your card or would you like to use your card in another region, e.g. because you have moved or changed your place of work? Please contact us so that we can order you a new card. Your costs for this are a one-time fee of 15 euros.

How to install the "MyEdenred" app

If your device is not compatible with the app, please use the website www.mein-edenred.de instead of the app.

If you are using an Android-based device, you must install the app from the German Google Play Store. Use the following link to find out how to change the country of the Google Play Store.

If you have problems using the website www.mein-edenred.de on your Apple iOS-based device (iPhone or iPad), please deactivate the options "Prevent cross-site tracking" and "Block all cookies" in the Safari settings. Please also note our following Youtube video.