Staying on course

Whether you want extra buffers for peak times and holidays, or simply want to remain flexible when it comes to your HR, staff leasing, with its scalable staffing costs, is an attractive solution for businesses – particularly in times of economic instability.

Staff leasing

We have many years of experience in temporary work and recruitment, and know exactly what our customers value.

What you can expect from DREMO staff

  • Motivation, reliability and team-working ability
  • Qualifications and competence
  • Mobility and assignments right across the country 

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Your benefits with DREMO staff leasing:

  • No time or expense wasted on recruiting staff, and less pressure on your HR department when looking for skilled specialists
  • Qualified, experienced specialists with project-specific know-how
  • No long orientation times, and flexible project times allow even last-minute staffing shortages caused by holidays or illness to be filled
  • Tailored human resources: Creating buffers for cyclical and seasonal peaks
  • Adapting your staffing needs to the respective economic situation and order numbers
  • Reduced and optimised fixed staffing costs
  • Fixed hourly charge rate, transparent staffing costs, expense and project-based
  • Minimising your own core staff during times of economic uncertainty or in the case of highly fluctuating order numbers
  • Personal support and DREMO satisfaction guarantee

DREMO staff leasing process


Lodge your request online using our request form or call us on +49 (0)351/897750 and tell us your staffing needs.


Based on the desired qualifications, place of work and duration of work, our agents will suggest suitable staff to you, and send you detailed staff profiles and a binding offer. Our offer contains all costs, such as wage, ancillary wage costs, transport expenses, accommodation, work clothing, necessary medical checks and accident insurance premiums, and is only charged for the time actually worked. We bear the continued payments for staff who are on holiday, ill or otherwise off work.

Employee request

If the offer meets your requirements, please request the contract staffing agreement from us.


We’ll send you the contract staffing agreement and our terms and conditions. Please sign and stamp the agreement, and return a copy to us. You keep the second copy for your records.


Our staff is briefed by our agents as per the respective assignment requirements.

Start of assignment

The notified staff member appears at your premises/the agreed place of work on the agreed day. You will involve our staff member in your work process by showing them their task area and explaining special OHS rules. You will manage and supervise our staff member exactly as you do your own. From a labour law perspective, the staff member continues to be employed by DREMO.

Satisfaction guarantee

You have a satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to dismiss and return the staff member to us within the first eight hours of the first working day if they do not meet the requirements promised. You do not incur any costs in this case, though we will still pay the staff member.

Time sheet & accounting

Our staff member will submit a weekly time sheet for you to sign. Please check and sign it within one working day. Accounting is generally done on a weekly basis, or in a few special cases monthly, using the time sheets confirmed by you.

End of assignment

With sufficient notice before the end of your contract, you will report back to us on the staff member’s job completion. Please see our terms and conditions for de-registration deadlines.