Job placement

We find job-seekers new jobs on behalf of reputable German companies. Keep reading to find out how job placement works in Germany.

What is job placement?

DREMO has been rendering staffing services since 1996, and has been able to forge an extensive network of contacts with employers right across Germany. As such, DREMO is familiar with these companies’ staffing requirements, and helps them fill their vacant positions. As part of its job placement work, DREMO assists both job-seekers and employers, acting as a “middleman”.

Employers looking for suitable staff can contact a placement agent/recruiter (DREMO) and hire them to look for/recruit an appropriate employee on behalf of the respective company. DREMO then contacts suitable people through its own applicant database or various social media platforms, or places relevant advertisements.

People wanting to change their job or who are looking for work can respond to these job advertisements published by DREMO.

DREMO then efficiently processes the applications, makes some pre-selections based on the employer’s requirements, and then proposes suitable candidates to the employer.

The employer assesses the recruiter’s suggestions, and generally arranges a telephone interview or sometimes even a face-to-face interview.

If “everything clicks” between the applicant and the employer, the applicant is employed directly by the employer.

Applicants for whom DREMO has not been able to find jobs immediately may be kept in the DREMO applicant database if they wish, so that DREMO can propose them to other potentially suitable employers in future.

Regardless of whether DREMO is working on behalf of an employer or applicant, the future employee does not incur any costs. In the event of a successful placement, it is only the employer who pays a recruitment fee.

Commercial job placement has been available in Germany for all professional groups since 1994. DREMO specialises in the following selected groups. Click the links below to go directly to the relevant job offers.