We’re about temporary work

Through temporary work, we give people employment, secure core positions, and help with returns to the workforce. Find out here how temporary work operates in Germany.

What is temporary work?

This type of employment involves a “three-way relationship” between the staff member (temporary employee), DREMO (temporary employment agency) and the client company.


The staff member has an employment contract with DREMO. He/she receives his/her wage and allowances from DREMO. He/she is employed at the client company, where he/she works according to the instructions issued by the supervisors there.

This employment is legally governed by a so-called “contract staffing agreement” existing between DREMO and the client company.

This agreement covers aspects such as what the client company must pay the temporary employment agency per hour for employing the DREMO staff member. This is known as the “charge rate”.

The charge rate is always higher than the staff member’s wage, because it is also used to pay additional expenses for the staff member, e.g. for reserves for periods of unemployment (such as leave, public holidays, illness, occupational accidents) or costs for co-ordinating the staff member’s employment.

Our experience has shown that employment at a client company generally lasts several weeks or months. Many DREMO staff help the client companies during peak times or new projects. In some cases, however, they will also fill in for one of the client company’s staff, e.g. during holidays or illness.

If the client company no longer needs the DREMO staff member, DREMO employs the staff member at another client company. The transition is often seamless, i.e. with no gaps in between.