Your recommendation is worth up to 500 euros to us!

Do you like working for us? Then tell others about it! Maybe you have friends, acquaintances or relatives who could be a good fit for our team? It can pay off for you. You will receive a referral bonus of 300 euros if you have told us the name of the recommended employee before he or she starts working for us and as soon as the new employee has worked for us for one month.

We would be pleased if you recommend us to others.

If you like working for DREMO, feel free to recommend us. Perhaps you have friends, family members or acquaintances interested in a new job? You are welcome to speak to other staff in person. It’s worth your while! We value your recommendation at 300 Euros. You will receive this bonus if you have given us the name of the recommended employee before they commence employment, and they have worked for us for one month. 

Your acquaintances can find information on our current vacancies in the "For applicants" section of our website.

Communicate your recommendation now and receive a € 300 bonus!

Advertiser data (who is recommended to DREMO as a new employee)?