Privacy policy for applications

The protection of personal data is very important to us. The treatment of your data made available to us is carried out in accordance with the legal regulations, in particular those of the European Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO) and the Federal Data Protection Act.

Application information

We collect various personal data through the application process. Personal data is any information from which conclusions can be drawn about your personal or factual circumstances or which makes you identifiable. The following data is collected and processed for the automated processing of your application:

  • First name, last name, address, e-mail, date of birth, title, telephone number, country of residence and citizenship
  • Additional questions depending on the respective advertisement (e.g. driving licence)
  • Curriculum vitae, in particular information on professional experience and training
  • Competences and knowledge for the advertised position
  • Application photo
  • Qualifications, awards and language skills
  • Letter of motivation
  • Files and documents that you would like to send us or upload in connection with your application

When submitting the applicant data, you as the applicant give your consent to the processing of the personal data for the purpose set out in this privacy policy.

No information that may not be processed under the General Equal Treatment Act (this includes, but is not limited to, race, ethnic origin, gender, disability, religion and belief or age) will be required to process your application. We ask you not to provide any information that is irrelevant to the processing of your application under the Equal Treatment Act (including illness, pregnancy, trade union membership and sex life).

Please do not transmit any content that could, for example, violate copyrights or the press law of third parties. 

Processing and use of personal data

Your transmitted data will only be collected, processed and used for purposes related to the processing of your application with Dremo Personaldienstleistung GmbH.

In order for your application to be successful, we must also pass on your data to third parties. We use the data you provide to create an applicant profile, which we make available to our clients who want to meet their staffing needs with our help in the context of temporary employment or personnel placement.

If you are hired by our company, we will use the data you have provided for the administrative and organisational activities of payroll and financial accounting as well as for personnel planning.

Your personal data will only be collected or processed by persons who are responsible for processing the application. All employees involved have been obliged to treat your data confidentially. In particular, they may not pass on any data to unauthorised persons.

We use the applicant management software "easyHR" from Fravis GmbH, Sonnenhalde 10, 73489 Jagstzell (hereinafter referred to as "applicant management system") to process and store applicant data.

We also use the process platform and software of linqi GmbH, Markt 26-32 in 53111 Bonn, Germany, to automate processes in applicant management and to document company processes.

If you have submitted your application in writing, your personal data will be transferred to our applicant management system. The physical documents will be returned to the applicant after the data has been transferred.

If you have applied to us by e-mail, we will also enter the applicant data into our applicant management system. Your e-mail will then be stored for another two weeks. After the two weeks have expired, the e-mail will be deleted automatically.

Please note that e-mails are generally not sent encrypted. Applicants must therefore take care of the encryption themselves. We therefore recommend that you use the online application option or send your application by post.


If we are unable to offer you a job, we will keep your data for a maximum of six months after rejection in order to be able to answer any questions that may arise in connection with the rejection.

If your application is of fundamental interest to us, we will ask you by e-mail to give us permission to store your data for a longer period of time so that we can include you in our pool of candidates for a possible job offer at a later date. If you agree again within two weeks, your applicant data will be stored in our applicant management system for a further 24 months. Otherwise, your applicant data will be deleted automatically.

If your applicant data is stored in our applicant pool, we will contact you again by e-mail two weeks before the 24 months expire. If you agree again within two weeks, your applicant data will be stored in our applicant management system for a further 24 months. Otherwise, your applicant data will be deleted automatically.

If you wish to have your data deleted or have a request for information in accordance with Article 15 of the GDPR, please contact us. You can reach us Monday to Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at +49 351 897750. If you are calling from abroad, please dial 0049 351 897750. Alternatively, please send us an email at or use the postal service.

Data security

The protection of your personal data is important to us. Therefore, we secure your data against unauthorised access. This is done through measures such as anti-virus software, a firewall and encrypted connections to our applicant management system. Of course, the security systems are regularly updated to keep up with the latest threats. Your personal data is transmitted to our applicant management system in encrypted form. Only those responsible at Dremo Personaldienstleistung GmbH and Fravis GmbH have access to this system. This system is protected against third-party access.

There is an order processing agreement between Dremo Personaldienstleistung GmbH and Fravis GmbH as well as between Dremo Personaldienstleistung GmbH and linqi GmbH in which, among other things, specific protective measures against unauthorised access are assured.

Supplementary regulations

In addition to this privacy policy, our general privacy policy ( applies.