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We can provide you with staff from the following industries, nationwide:

  • Electrical installation (e.g. electricians and control cabinet builders)
  • Flooring and parquet laying (e.g. floor layers and parquet layers)
  • Woodworking (e.g. carpenters and woodworking technicians)
  • Interiors (e.g. woodworking technicians for furniture and interior fittings, interior decorators)
  • Painter and varnisher
  • Interior fittings/assembly (e.g. kitchen fitters and furniture assemblers)
  • HVAC fittings (e.g. HVAC system fitter)
  • Aged care (e.g. certified nurses and aged carers, experienced nurse assistants)

If you wish to employ our staff through a contract staffing scheme, please note that our staff are legally forbidden from performing any main construction work, such as fitting windows/doors, working on façades, insulation, roofing, brickwork, concrete sections, screeding or demolition work, regardless of whether your company operates in the construction industry.

Staffing request

Your staffing request
If you wish to co-operate with us to fill vacancies or need temporary support for your projects, please send us the form below, and we’ll get back to you immediately. Please complete at least the fields marked (*).
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